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ACCG Insurance Safety Discount Program

Safety Discount Program

This step-by-step workbook will assist you in qualifying for the safety discount for the ACCG Workers’ Compensation program for 2021.

ACCG Safety Discount Program Workbook

Safety Action Plan

The Sample Safety Action Plan is to be used for the program(s) in which you participate. LGRMS will be providing you with additional instructions and loss runs in February 2020.

Sample Safety Action Plan (fillable pdf)

Safety Discount Verification Forms

The Safety Discount Verification Form is to be signed by the Chairman or the Executive Director (if your organization is not a county). Once the requirements are met and the Safety Discount Verification Form is submitted to, the application process is complete.

ACCG-GSIWCF Safety Discount Verification Form for County (fillable pdf)
ACCG-GSIWCF Safety Discount Verification Form (Authority) (fillable pdf)

Additional Forms

Workers’ Compensation Bill of Rights (Ed. 07/2019)

Workers’ Compensation Panel of Physicians (Ed. 07/2006)

Sample Safety Coordinator Resolution and Sample Policies

Click HERE to see the documents that are referenced in the Safety Discount Program Workbook. These documents are in Word for your use.

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