Lifelong Learning Academy

The ACCG Lifelong Learning Academy was created with significant input from county commissioners. These experienced commissioners identified the core and specialty track requirements and participated in the development of course outlines based on the issues and decision making challenges regularly faced by county officials. The ACCG Lifelong Learning Committee, composed of county commissioners along with staff from ACCG and the University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government regularly review the course requirements and curriculum and make adjustments as needed to keep the subject matter relevant and engaging for participants.

The ACCG Lifelong Learning Academy includes three components:

      Core Certification - The ACCG Lifelong Learning Academy core certification includes eight courses as well as a two-day Leadership Institute for a total of 66 hours of required courses. County officials who complete the core certification achieve the status of "Certified County Commissioner" and are eligible for a $100 monthly stipend from their county.

      Specialty Certification - Following the completion of the core certification, county officials can work on specialty certifications, providing even more in-depth courses in areas such as economic development, intergovernmental relations or revenue and finance. The specialty certification program is designed to be flexible in order to provide training on current issues and best practices. Each specialty certification requires an additional 48 hours of coursework.

      Continuing Education - In order to maintain core and specialty certifications, commissioners who take office on or after January 1, 2013 are required to earn 18 hours of continuing education annually. These hours can be earned by attending ACCG conferences and meetings, taking additional specialty courses and through other means. Commissioners who took office prior to this date are also strongly encouraged to participate in continuing education opportunities.

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